Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's 4.26 AM Bucharest time and it's probably the coldest night of the year.
I am reading Diane Pernet's memories from her blog. Sometimes I cry. I am not sad, but I have a vision of her life and it's an splendid film that I would like to watch someday. It can be even a documentary because her journey is already an epic tale of love, creation and mistery. The sense of cinema makes me very sensitive; I always imagine the feelings of hundreds, thousands or milions of viewers.
I met her in Bucharest, in the first days of the last month of the decade. Her presence is magic. She has wings.

Diane on feelings, ideas and art:
" I think in terms of contemporary art, process isn't as important anymore as ideas."
" I think I never liked the really method of storytelling. I think my work still tells stories to a degree. I'm more interested in trying to convey feelings that are more layered and not so easy to define. "

A non-iconical picture of her that I like very much.
More on shaded view of fashion

Coming soon: My cinematical meeting with Diane Pernet



Haiti and Love Evolution

The world's incredible outpouring of help to thhe people of Haiti raises the queestion: are we evolving to become more compassionate and collaborative in our quest to survive and thrive? A research team at the University of California, Berkeley, says "yes."
(via @Wildcat2030 on Twitter )

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Jim Carrey on the Power of Intention

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once, unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality." -Anthony Robbins
The driving force is the human emotion, wonderfully translated by Jim Carrey in the Power of Intention. Everything is possible, it's just a matter of time.

“Are you aware that—do you have the distinct, palpable feeling that your intention helped create this evening?”
“Absolutely,” she replied promptly.
“Do you understand that all of this, this entire event, is happening inside you?”
A pause, then an uncertain, “Ye-e-e-s.” The audience laughed.
“I hope you can feel that,” Carrey said. “I hope you can understand that you are one of the creators of this evening. … And then I hope you are able to ask yourself—“Why did I get such a crappy seat?”

:D :D

PS I dreamed Jim Carrey few months ago. No joke :))