Thursday, September 9, 2010

Above & Beyond . NOSTALGIA

I always have a nostalgia watching these breathtaking views ....
I want to believe that millions of years ago , in a prehistorical time of the time, I was flying above and beyond heavens .

Nostalgia ....I remember the sound of this word in the end of The Fall's making of documentary entitled ...Nostalgia.

" The haunting sentiment that one can never go home again plays a key role in the concept
of nostalgia. The longing to return home resonates with every individual. The desire for a home that is no more, whether because of changes in time, space, or essence, causes pain and often affects and produces the certain identity of each person. This painful longing for home is encompassed in the word nostalgia, which comes from the Greek nostos for “return home” and algia for “pain.” A characteristic of nostalgia is that one who feels the painful yearning for home is displaced and disoriented, searching for the orientation one receives from the place of origin. The notion of nostalgia is connected to memory and experience. The memory of home entails childhood, innocence, and comfort derived from the place where one felt unmediated experience with life, which then becomes transposed into memory for some lost paradise where we no longer belong. We are wanderers, alienated in our own lives, searching in all places (whether it is in another person, place, or object) for the sense of home sweet home. "
The Garden as Original Home: Nostalgia in Paradise Lost
Elizabeth Healy, Thomas More College

Nostalgia is a consequence of the Fall.

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