Saturday, December 19, 2009

You Tube - The New Cinema Incubator

On December 4th, 2008 I posted on my blog "An Anthropolgy on You Tube", a video by Michael Wesch, an anthropologist from Kansas who presented a talk to the Library of Congress about the sociological effects of YouTube.

A comment about Wesch's presentation, written by Jennifer Hightower on has anticipated the incredible investment in a five-minute short film posted on YouTube.

The video was really long, but eye opening. Anyone who is a filmmaker should watch this, because this youtube phenomenon effects us all. So now, has the the notion of a filmmaker completely changed? Youtube is proof that high budget movies, and A-list actors do not necessarily a great film make. As film makers we are faced with the very real question of wether we will ignore this new phenomenon, or embrace it. To ignore it would be a great error, I think, because to ignore the power youtube on our society, is to ignore the needs of our audience. There is a huge gap between high budget films (and even Indie films) and films that are circulating on youtube. If someone could figure out a way to bridge that gap, I think that person would revolutionize media as we know it. It's an idea that deserves consideration sooner rather than later, because it seems to me that there is going to be an inevitable change in the way we make movies all together, and anyone who is stubborn about the change is going to be left behind. Not since the introduction of talking motion pictures has something so profound hit the publics interest, and it's very exciting!"

One year after my post, the notion of a filmmaker needs a new definition.

Ataque de Panico, a film by Fede Alvarez - A budding filmmaker from Uruguay, whose $300 low-budget alien invasion short became a viral video hit, has landed a $30-million US movie deal in Hollywood.

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Still from Fede Alvarez's Ataque de Panico!

Many thanks to my filmmaker friend, Tanyeno Wotorson (Honor Pictures) for sharing this historical news with us :)

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Creative Radiance said...

The thing is, technology and social media is working to bend the film industry to it's demand. The smart ones, the really smart ones are jumping on board and merging their vision. Those who resist it, may be left behind at some point. I mean, this is like mash-up or how down loading affected and changed the music industry. Those who rebuilt the ship to take the trend into consideration are afloat, those who didn't fast enough aren't. Sadly, there will be alot of people who will lose their standing, as they refuse to change, grow or shift their thinking. Yesterday a gentleman fancied himself TELLING me I could never make the "map," because I needed a FEATURE to do so. But, look this filmmaker from Youtube, made the map with a short. Our industry is now moving in another direction. It's clear that what filmmakers have to do to be discovered has changed. Even how we're sought is. My demo reel will have three shorts on it and by the time it is complete, I will feature spec scripts available as well. But, this director who is very successful doesn't think any of that matters. Anna Boden and Ryan Afleck were noticed through a short (Half Nelson), but noooo, only a feature can get you noticed. Alot of people think this has to happen in one way or the other. With clues that the earth is round they will go on holding to the fact that it is flat... kind of unfortunate.