Wednesday, December 3, 2008

William Morris preps Agency 3.0

William Morris preps Agency 3.0
Agency, Amp'd Mobile team for new media co.

The William Morris Agency and Amp'd Mobile founder Peter Adderton have teamed to launch a new-media venture that marries brands and content with emerging distribution platforms.

Called Agency 3.0, it's the latest digital foray by the tenpercentery, which unveiled a venture capital fund for fledgling digital media outfits in March. This venture, however, is less a tech incubator than a next-gen marketing agency that will also develop and produce content.

Agency 3.0 is Adderton's latest digital venture after Amp'd went bankrupt last June. He had positioned Amp'd as a mobile phone venture whose target was younger consumers interested in watching content on their cell phones.

The goal of the new company, Adderton said, is to identify emerging technologies three to five years ahead of time, then place brands onto them as they start to break through.

"We want to get brands onto Facebook before it becomes the No. 1 site," Adderton said. "When they really start to explode, we'll be ready with tried and tested techniques."

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