Monday, February 1, 2010

8 people with 5 instruments from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song.

Brian at CAIN MOSNI thought of a cool concept and coordinated a virtual "jam session" with musicians from all over the world!

Jam Session 2.0 from Cain Mosni on Vimeo.

Across the seas I hear piano keys playin, translating languages
through the rhythms in beats bangin, a universal exchange, of personal
pains and joys, it started with a verse, each person just came and
joined in, some are complete strangers, some only teenagers, all of us
creators, , we are the dreammakers, internationally transmittin
through bandwidth, passin this bands passion so the masses can jam
with us, all are invited to play, none are required to pay, let the
virus spread, inspire heads, go pirate away, this is that free music,
for people who need music, just listen and breathe to it, I hope that
you feel movement, different souls around globe, connected through
sound makin, they set the foundation now we take it to groundbreakin,
everybody played there part and now we have one song, and this is how
an unheard voice becomes strong

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