Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's 4.26 AM Bucharest time and it's probably the coldest night of the year.
I am reading Diane Pernet's memories from her blog. Sometimes I cry. I am not sad, but I have a vision of her life and it's an splendid film that I would like to watch someday. It can be even a documentary because her journey is already an epic tale of love, creation and mistery. The sense of cinema makes me very sensitive; I always imagine the feelings of hundreds, thousands or milions of viewers.
I met her in Bucharest, in the first days of the last month of the decade. Her presence is magic. She has wings.

Diane on feelings, ideas and art:
" I think in terms of contemporary art, process isn't as important anymore as ideas."
" I think I never liked the really method of storytelling. I think my work still tells stories to a degree. I'm more interested in trying to convey feelings that are more layered and not so easy to define. "

A non-iconical picture of her that I like very much.
More on shaded view of fashion

Coming soon: My cinematical meeting with Diane Pernet



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