Friday, December 18, 2009

Catinca, Lula and The Magic

This year in february, I received a request for Catinca from Lula Magazine, a poetic and somehow cinematic fashion magazine. Later in the summer, one day, one photographer from New York wrote me an email telling me that he is assigned by Lula to do the fashion editorial with Catinca. From his emails he seemed to be a very kind and warm person. I met him in the airport and I knew from the very first time that he has wings.

His name is Martin Sanmiguel and here is a glimpse from our magical journey in Bucharest and Sighisoara.

Today I checked some statistics about Catinca on Twitter. From Twitter a link has challenged me to search more. Then the algorithm of Google has brought me a lost story. It was Catinca's blog on Myspace and a post that she made on September 2008, 6 months before Lula's request. I was stunned. Her powerful subconscious has predicted almost perfect her story from Lula Magazine. Only a pure soul can create this kind of magic.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

sasha and the town

She has big blue eyes. long dark hair in two pony tails. She is wearing a beautiful girl dress and I always see her in a field with tall grass and multicolor flowers which smell exactly the same as the flowers on the field where I have rode beautiful Luck at Sighisoara.
She is named Lula and she is 5, maybe 6 years old. I see her calm, I look at her in the eyes and I saw she is sad. I thought she was always happy, so then I saw her big blue and sad eyes I refused to believe that Lula is somehow unhappy." I am just dreaming "I said to myself. Lula always laughs, about everything. I've never saw her sad. I went to her and asked her what happend, why is she sad." Leave me alone Sasha!" She said. After that I realized that Lula was the child inside of me and that she needed all my affection. From then I always remembered about the child inside me and accorded him a lot of attention every day.-story by Sasha (a girl who published her story in a magazine)

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