Friday, December 18, 2009

Only the kids know better. The urban design potential of snow

In Bucharest it is like in fairy tales. The snow has saved the magic. Time to reflect about the divine scenography.
Here is a great article from The Design Observer written by Sergio López-Piñeiro about the potential of snow in urban design.
Sergio López-Piñeiro is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

"We are conflicted about snow in cities. With the first storm of the season, the city becomes silent, bright and spatially renewed — the snow absorbs the sounds of traffic, reflects the low winter sun, and makes irrelevant the signs that warn “Keep off the grass” or “Stay on the path.” Yet we react to the new-found peacefulness by combating the fresh snow, by salting roads and sidewalks and revving up noisy plows and diesel blowers. In cities we constantly push around the snow — we move it out of our way, shovel and plow and mold it to ease our commutes and comply with regulations. It is contradictory: we react to the serene landscapes of new-fallen snow with loud and mechanized aggression.

No wonder that we have responded with so little creativity to the poetic presence of snow.

Only the kids know better! "

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Picture by mechtaniya from Russia posted on Deviant Art
"All hello! I young mum, the photographer, have a daughter of Alinochku whom madly I love and often I photograph"

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