Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rebooting Business and the World

Friday evening I had the opportunity to attend a great event for my future : Don Tapscott's lecture at London Business School.
He is one of my favorite digital thinkers, not only because he wrote "Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World " , but mainly because he advocates listening to young people and acting on their input. This is for sure the main focus of my current life challenge.

At LSE "he talk “Rebooting Business and the World” argued that many established institutions have become atrophied because of the global financial crisis but that a new open network model built around collaborative technologies available through the web provide incredible opportunities to address key challenges in the environment, transport, government, education and health care."
You can read here a short brief of his talk written by Geoff Riley, formerly Head of Economics at Eton College and he is also co-Founder of Tutor2u.

The lecture has finished with a beautiful introduction of “Smart Swarm: Using Animal Behaviour to Organise Our World”.


Also listen The Economics of Mass Collaboration (HBR Podcast)

BusinessWeek special report on Macrowikinomics, Don Tapscott's latest book written with Anthony D. William.

Many thanks to Don Tapscott for invite. He is a genuine pioneer, as Lucian Tarnowski describes him ;)

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