Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Agent Nick Reed Talks About Film Producing

If you wanna be a film producer, than you should definitely watch Nick Reed talk about making movies. Straight to the point, clear, realistic and inspirational .

Who is Nick Reed ?

In my opinion, one of the most visionary Hollywood people. Meeting Nick Reed can be a turning point in your career. This is not a presumption, it is something that I've experienced four years ago when I met Nick in Bucharest.

"Nicholas Reed, Advisor is the Head of the Motion picture Literary Department at International Creative Management, Inc., a talent and literary agency, specializing in creators of intellectual properties. After leaving school he pursued a career in Aviation when he joined the British Royal Navy as a pilot. He then joined a marketing company, Belou Communications- which after its first twelve months in operation was voted the runner-up Best New Business of the Year by The Independent newspaper. During his time there he worked in strategic marketing for clients such as Kodak, Fed-Ex, and several government organizations. After moving to the United States in 1992, he was cast by Steven Spielberg to play Robin Williams’ father in the film HOOK and then later cast by Francis Ford Coppola to play a small role in DRACULA. Intrigued by Hollywood, he joined ICM in an effort to understand the making of movies. Working with writers, directors, and actors, he has been involved with such movies as AUSTIN POWERS I, II and ELIZABETH, HILARY AND JACKIE, TRAINING DAY, BRIDGET JONES DIARY. MOULIN ROUGE, BOURNE IDENTITY, AGENT CODY BANKS, MONSTER’S BALL, MEET THE PARENTS, UNDERWORLD, WHITE NOISE. And MEET THE FOCKERS. He presently serves on the Los Angeles British Film Board advising the government on film policies and is often a guest speaker for UCLA’s graduate film program. "

Nick Reed's interview by Ruth Vitale for www.factory-publishing.com/

" What’s he done?
British Navy pilot, aerobatic airplane builder, strategic marketing executive, sports management and, then, discovered by Spielberg to play Robin Williams’ father in Hook! After this foray into acting, the business side of Hollywood beckoned, appealing to his marketing expertise, and the rest is history: Reed is now ICM agent extraordinaire to top film directors

What’s next?
“I want to find the next Hello Kitty. The dream project is to find something like Hello Kitty or Star Wars, where the idea encompasses almost every aspect of our lives. An idea that is so universally embraced that a brand can be created from the ground up.”

Dream project?
“Being able to realise clients’ dream projects completely,packaging and financing projects with no obstacles.”

Unrealistic dream project?
“To be a pilot just before World War I"

Why does he love Hollywood?
“I have met some of the most amazing people. Hollywood is the gateway to some of the most talented artists in the world – a place where talent intersects with money.”

Ruth on Nick
“Nick is the last of the Renaissance men. Who do you know that can go from British navy pilot, to building airplanes, to representing some of the most talented film directors in the world? When you are told as a child that you can do anything, that ‘the sky’s the limit’, well, Nick embodies this saying heart and soul! His intelligence combined with his sense of adventure are a rare mix and commodity.”

Nick on Nick
“Balance. To fight for balance between my competitive desire to be a great agent, to be a fantastic father, and to work on myself personally to make me a better human being.”

As far as I know Nick has become a producer. He will spark the film industry even more from now on and sooner or later he will discover a film where " the idea encompasses almost every aspect of our lives."

Probably he would be a great TED speaker, too.

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