Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fashion Shows goodbye! The stylist becomes a director

Will the short films produced in partnership by stylists and directors become a new form of expression for fashion and luxury?

What will be the role of technology in redesigning a new relationship with the public? On the occasion of the 65th International Film Festival Marina Garzoni presents Stylestar, the format for fashion in the twenty first century.

If Valentino is “The Last Emperor” and “King Giorgio” (Armani) is over seventy this means that fashion as we know it now has reached the end of an era and it is entering a new one. Beneath an apparent aura of tranquillity there is an undercurrent of innovation.

After years of adjustment, and after overcoming the changes required following flotation on the stock exchange and acquisitions, the major brands now aspire to eternity by dedicating themselves to the Cinema because of its ability to fuel their dreams and turn their brands into a myth, as sustained by Jacques Seguèla in his best seller “Hollywood washes whiter”

Therefore, if the stylist becomes a director, or if he or she gives directors and actors the task of transforming what the stylist thinks into what will be seen in a short film lasting only a few minutes, the brand gains new vitality and global visibility.

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